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John P Holt Brentwood Library
8109 Concord Rd

Edmonson Elementary
861 Edmonson Pike
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My husband and I, happily married for nearly 30 years, moved to Brentwood 23 years ago.  During that time, I had the privilege of serving in Law Enforcement in the Metro Nashville and Brentwood Police Departments for nine years…


…and then I was blessed with life’s ultimate privilege: to be a mother of six truly wonderful children, who have all attended Williamson County Public Schools. Three graduated from Ravenwood High School, two are currently at Ravenwood, and one attends Woodland Middle School. 


I was taught early on the value of honesty, hard work, respect for others, and a profound love for America.  I am a Christian Conservative Patriot who is passionate about representing the voices of parents, students, and teachers - bringing us all together - to set them on the path to success, both in academics and in life.

I hope to gain your support and ultimately your vote.

About Debbie



The trust and delicate balance between parents, teachers, and policy makers that were once so good, has deteriorated.  But together, we can fix it!   
We can RESTORE the BALANCE OF POWER  between the community, teachers, and the school board.


Repeal Wit & Wisdom: a controversial curriculum that teaches kids systemic racism shaped America, and white people are oppressors; so harmful it requires mental health counselors and $800,000 of taxpayer money to teach it.

Propose policies that increase transparency and community involvement in the vetting process for material.

Increase awareness of, and fight alongside, the various groups working to remove this curricula on legal, educational, and legislative levels.

Rid school libraries of sexually explicit material. Require libraries to disclose the list of books available to our children. If it can’t be aired on tv, it can’t be in our schools.


Ensure medical freedom, removing the threat of mandates.  Personal health choices are a parents right.

Give parents access to the material & teachers manuals being taught to their kids.  Parents can’t opt out of curriculum they can’t see. 

Give parents and taxpayers three minutes to speak at school board meetings.


Re-focus the School Board on their role as servants of the community, charged with: Policy oversight, Educational and Fiscal planning, and Promotion.  


Let teachers teach the fundamentals of learning.  Let parents teach values.

As your representative, I will bring parents, teachers, and the community back into the process by holding friendly “Coffee, Tea, and Debbie” sessions. 


Help teachers feel heard and supported through monthly forums during which teachers can voice their needs to the board and the community.  


As a parent and a homeschool teacher, I understand being on both sides of that chalkboard. Be it volunteerism in the classroom, fundraising, or drawing awareness to specific issues, our teachers must be supported.

Propose policy to make safety & security measures in our schools transparent and effective, and include teacher input in those policies.


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"I have known Debbie for decades and worked closely with her in Public Safety.  She is conscientious, compassionate, and trustworthy.  I believe she would make an exceptional leader!" 


Chief Jeff Hughes - Brentwood Police Department